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Timber for furniture and moldings

Kiaat is a hardwood used for making furniture with a refined finish. Its brown core is naturally resistant to termites and durable.

Source: Mozambique
Iroko is a yellow-brown wood species which tends to turn brown and darken significantly with golden glints on exposure to air and light. Iroko is sometimes referred to as African teak or African oak.

Source: Cameroon
Sapele is a hardwood prized for many of its characteristics, including its reddish-brown colour which darkens over time as well as its grain and strength. It is widely used for furniture making, cabinet work, paving, flooring and panelling.

Source: Cameroon/Ivory Coast
Meranti is the most commercially available wood in Malaysia. This lightweight wood is very popular for its wide range of uses and is suitable for furniture making, high-quality interior finishes, parquet flooring, panelling, partitioning, mouldings and baseboards.

Source: Malaysia
Plywood is a wood-based panel product consisting of layers of veneer glued together. It is made of a thin layer of wood such as teak, sapele, oak or kiaat (with a thickness of approximately 0.2-0.6mm) applied over another surface. It is available in thicknesses ranging from 3.6mm to 18mm.

Source: Asia
Ash is light-coloured to nearly white with colourless heartwood and is used for interior woodwork.
Oak is a hardwood with a golden brown colour which darkens with exposure to light if unprotected.

Source: Canada/USA
Treated Pine
Pine is a softwood used for furniture making and other woodwork. Tanalith E treatment protects it against external attacks.

Source: South Africa
Teakwood is perfect for your flooring requirements and is both exceptionally durable and low-maintenance. It is also naturally resistant to external attacks.

Source: Burma
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