Timber for pergolas and beams

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Kiaat is a hardwood used for making furniture with a refined finish. Its brown core is naturally resistant to termites and durable.

Source: Mozambique
Balau is a hardwood species from Asia with a medium texture and a yellowish- to reddish-brown colour. When used without staining, it will change to mid-grey with exposure to UV rays. It is a naturally hard type of wood that is resistant to wear and decay, presenting natural slip-resistant qualities which make it suitable for pool surrounds.

Source: Malaysia
Pine Posts
Round treated pine posts, ideal for outdoor use.

Source: South Africa
Treated Pine
Pine is a softwood used for furniture making and other woodwork. Tanalith E treatment protects it against external stresses.

Source: South Africa
Meranti is the most commercially available wood in Malaysia. This lightweight wood is very popular for its wide range of uses and is suitable for furniture making, high-quality interior finishes, parquet flooring, panelling, partitioning, mouldings and baseboards.

Source: Malaysia
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