Waterproofing - Radcrete products

Grewals launches RADCRETE waterproofing products from Australia. We are the exclusive distributor in Mauritius.

A revolutionary & reliable way to waterproof concrete without using a membrane. Radcon #7® is spray applied and penetrates the concrete and creates a gel within the cracks, pores and capillaries. It incorporates advanced biochemical technology which allows it to seal cracks up to 2.00mm and reseal hairline cracks that develop after treatment. Radcon #7® does not form a film on the surface so it cannot be damaged by traffic or environmental exposure. Radcon #7® is a sub-surface barrier that can accommodate thermal stress.

RADMYX™ crystalline waterproofing provides a cost effective and environmentally friendly system which gives total waterproofing protection for the life of a concrete structure.
RADMYX™ reacts with the hydration products of cement to form crystals within the cracks, pores and capillaries of concrete structures – thereby effectively blocking the passage of water. RADMYX™ can be added to fresh concrete as an admixture or applied onto an existing surface as a slurry.
Not only does RADMYX™ enhance the quality and durability of the concrete, but it also causes the concrete to become permanently self-sealing and water pressure resistant: thereby effecting great cost savings in labour and maintenance during construction and for the life of the structure.


Benefits of the products:
• 15 years warranty*

• The world’s most environmentally friendly waterproofing
• Treatment will last the life of the concrete
• Tolerates thermal stress
• Fast & efficient to apply
• Non-flammable & non-hazardous
• Reliable and certified products imported from Australia

*Terms & conditions apply

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