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Timber for doors and shutters

Kiaat is a hardwood used for making furniture with a refined finish. Its brown core is naturally resistant to termites and durable.

Source: Mozambique
Keruing is suitable for all forms of heavy construction, including posts, beams, joists and rafters. It is also frequently used for outdoor furniture. It has a coarse texture with brown to reddish-brown heartwood and a distinctive white to grey-white sapwood.

Source: Malaysia
Iroko is a yellow-brown wood species which tends to turn brown and darken significantly with golden glints on exposure to air and light. Iroko is sometimes referred to as African teak or African oak.

Source: Cameroon
Sapele is a hardwood prized for many of its characteristics, including its reddish-brown colour which darkens over time as well as its grain and strength. It is widely used for furniture making, cabinet work, paving, flooring and paneling.

Source: Cameroon/Ivory Coast
Teakwood is perfect for your flooring requirements and is both exceptionally durable and low-maintenance. It is also naturally resistant to external stresses.

Source: Burma
Balau is a hardwood species from Asia with a medium texture and a yellowish- to reddish-brown colour. When used without staining, it will change to mid-grey with exposure to UV rays. It is a naturally hard type of wood that is resistant to wear and decay, presenting natural slip-resistant qualities which make it suitable for pool surrounds.

Source: Malaysia
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