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BETAFENCE Fencing Systems

Grewals is the exclusive distributor of Betafence, the world leader in fencing solutions, in Mauritius. Betafence has more than 125 years’ experience in supplying the highest quality products to the marketplace and is regarded as the industry benchmark in terms of products, services and innovation.

Nylofor 3D Multi
Nylofor 3D Multi welded wire mesh panels consist of rectangular meshes and horizontal reinforcements, which guarantee a good level of rigidity. The Nylofor 3D Multi panel has been designed to provide a multifunction system at an attractive price.

Height: 1,030mm / 1,530mm / 1,730mm / 2,030mm
Nylofor 3D Pro
Nylofor 3D Pro is a complete high-quality fencing system with panels of 2,500mm wide. It has been developed for a professional and low-cost installation with long lifetime.

Height: 1,030mm / 1,530mm / 1,730mm / 2,030mm
Bekafix Post
Galvanized and PVC-coated profiled posts with a fixing system to be used with all Nylofor panels.
Round Post
Professional PVC-coated galvanized steel round poles.
Quixsolid Post
The finishing of the Quixolid post wears the Betafence signature: a nice rounded shape of the front, invisible slots inside the post and a profile close to the design of the Bekafix post. No accessories are needed to fix the panels to the posts. A tensioning tool is provided to ensure a correct and easy installation: once the panel is fixed to the post, it can no longer be lifted.
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